The Plastics Industry

The Plastics Industry is in a strong position. Recent reports show that, in the U.S., plastics is the third largest manufacturing sector.- with $404 billion in total shipments, 1.6% real growth since 2012 and 950,000+ currently employees Our industry's growth continues to outpace manufacturing as a whole, and the domestic sector remains historically strong.

At the same time, key changes are transforming the way we approach manufacturing. Streamlining production, increasing efficiencies and expanding final output are core objectives that require developing competent personnel. Reducing the skills gaps with training in manufacturing is a smart investment that pays many dividends. Companies that are prepared to make theses smart investments will be able to increase their sales and outpace their more timid competitors.

How Do You Spell Oportunity?    PLASTICS

The plastics industry isn’t just massive — it actually translates to jobs. The industry employs nearly 900,000 workers in the United States alone, making plastics a key building block within manufacturing and for the U.S. job force overall. And that’s just part of the story — when you include plastics, color and additives, and machinery suppliers the number goes even higher, with the entire plastics industry accounting for roughly 1.4 million jobs nationally.

Ask the Expert?

If you’re looking for plastic facts and information, you’ve come to the right place. Meet our resident plastics expert, Professor Poly, and join her for an entertaining and educational perspective on  plastic subjects such as Recycling, Color Trends, New Technologies in Plastics and more. . 

Professor Poly is unavailable at this time- she will be rejoining us Soon.

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