FAQ's- Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Employee Training Important?

Employee training is crucial to the success of an organization. Educating personnel about the effective use of technology ensures a competitive edge in the market, promotes safety and health among employees. Effective training creates opportunities for career development and personal growth, an important factor in retaining workers.

Will Training Help Improve Employee Performance?

Improved performance from employee training can reduce staff turnover, lower maintenance costs by reducing equipment breakdowns and result in fewer customer complaints. Better performance from employees typically creates less need for supervision and brings increased worker output, thereby improving productivity and profitability.

What is the Return on Investment for Britec Training Solutions?

Studies have shown that the typical Return on Investment is 3-6 months.

How does Britec Training Solutions work?

"Training Solutions" is not just part of our name- we pride ourselves on providing a program that is effective and meets the demands of our customer. We offer Online Course, On-Site Training and Seminar Training- each of which can be customized to deliver a program that is efficient, effective and economical for your organization.

What is "Blended Learning" and is it the best training approach?

Blended learning – an approach that combines online education with in-person classroom time – is on the rise in today's education market because it allows students to establish a solid base of knowledge on new concepts before coming to class. Then, when they begin the hands-on portion of the course, they're able to take full advantage of laboratory time with expert teachers and high-tech instrumentation.

Is Britec Training Solutions up-to-date and expressive of today's technology?

Britec Training Solutions utilizes many resources in both the Plastics and Educational Industries to provide innovation and stay ahead of the technology curve. Our course materials are developed by industry professionals with many years of experiences and our library continues to grow with new subjects to meet the demands of our customers.

What is the most effective method of training for the Plastics Industry?

There are pros and cons to every method of training and each organization or student has their own objectives. Britec Training Solutions provides our customers with the ability to create a Blended Method of Training- which means to utilize one or more learning methods to achieve the training goals.

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