History of Britec Solutions Inc.

Britec Solutions Inc. is a pioneer in the Plastics Industry with decades of experience in Colorants and Additives, Compounding, Plastics Processing and Engineering. As a consulting firm- developing polymer additives, carriers and color systems for some of the leading organizations in the industry, Britec has a proven history and a great passion for the Plastics Industry.

Founded in 2005 by Brian Cochran, with over 30 years of experience in the Plastics Industry as an Entrepreneur, Process Engineer, Consultant, Sales Executive and Laboratory Professional. He is a Technical Designer/Developer specializing in milling equipment for pigment particle size reduction and distribution, a Plastics Engineer with extensive experience in plastics processing, technical formulation of pigment carrier systems, plastic additives and color technology. Brian is the Team Leader of Britec Training Solutions and has developed many resources in his career that support the Britec structure.

Presidents Message

  The Plastics Industry has been my home for going on four decades.  My career has traveled through many stages and experiences, from the production floor of manufacturing colorants for plastics to founding and operating a colorant and compounding facility; a color matcher trainee to building a color laboratory; a process engineer to technical engineer; a sales executive to a consultant for some of the leading organizations in the Plastics Industry. 

  Along this journey, I have had the privilege and honor to have worked with many people and organizations. In  regards to the leaders in their perspective fields- I recognize that there is a common behavior that exist. The organizations and personnel that are more effective, efficient and profitable are continuously learning and striving to expand their skill sets.

   There are some great training programs and companies that service the Plastics Industry. There are, however,  few that offer programs with subject matter that is critical when it comes to the processing and economics of manufacturing plastics-  such as Color Technology, Additives, Purging, Compounding Technologies and many other. 

 I am excited to be involved in the development of these programs and would welcome your questions.


Brian K. Cochran


Britec Solutions Inc.

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