Providing Training Solutions to the Plastics Industry

Britec Training Solutions provides Online Courses, On-Site Training and Seminars that are designed to bridge the skills gap and benefit every employee in an organization. Our courses can be tailored to meet the process and cultural objectives as well as the budget of any business.

Bridging the skills gap in the workplace has been a proven route to creating success that pays dividends in talent retention, production efficiencies, and most importantly- promotes a healthy organizational culture. In turn, a healthy organizational culture leads to reduced costs associated to many areas of the business and most often increased profits. For this reason, more and more business owners and managers are introducing training into the workplace and the plastics industry is no exception.

Offering Training Programs that dive into areas that few course providers do not offer such as Color Technology- take the student on a journey through every aspect from Color Principles to the Quality and Cost Savings of Colorants as applied to thermoplastics processing. Our Introduction to Thermoplastics course will give every student not just a taste but a feast of knowledge that is guaranteed to launch a career in the Plastics Industry. For the industry veteran or the new hire, Britec Training Solutions offers a program that will bridge the skills gap and benefit an organization as well as the individual.

Britec Training Solutions has a wealth of resources that contribute to our knowledge base, course design and technical presentation- our objective is to deliver programs that excite, challenge and elevate the student. Ultimately, Britec Training Solutions helps to mold the student into an asset that brings value to our customer by reducing employee turnover and enhancing the organizational behavior- all of which create an environment for success.

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